CFSAI will assist its members in raising CFS operational standards by sharing best practices to the highest international levels by uniting...  
The activities of the Association, which is registered as a non-profit making body under the Indian Companies Act, are managed by the Managing Committee comprising of members elected by the Operator members.

The Association from time to time has made suggestions for the consideration of Government and in fact the suggestion for amending the Container Freight Station Act and for adopting other related measures, were initiated by the Association. We as an Association have been able to secure representation on Government bodies like the Standing Committee on Promotion of Exports, (SCOPE Shipping and SCOPE Air), Task Force on Container Freight Station and various other forums of the Ministries of Shipping, Commerce & Finance of the Government of India. The Association is also a member of the International Container Freight Station based in Geneva and has thus acquired international recognition.

We are committed to providing customers value-added services. We strive to develop a long-term business relationship with our members, which is founded on our ability to help identify and recommend the best solution for each customer's business environment. We strive for continuous improvement in our relationships with customers and our ability to provide quality products and solutions to our members requirements without losing focus of our 'Right-on-Time' delivery system.

In keeping with the advance in IT, we at CFSAI feel the time is ripe to get a larger participation of the logistics industry by creating a web portal which will not only deliver content but also create an interactive atmosphere by Forums, Blogs & e-Magazine.
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