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Customs Notice No Date of Issue Description
PN 63/2008 01.09.2008 Facility of Direct Port Delivery to select importers availing the Direct Port Delivery Facility for ACP Clients
PN 66/2008(amended) 11.09.2008 Facility of Direct Port Delivery to select importers availing the Direct Port Delivery Facility for ACP Clients 
PN 25/2016 12.02.2016 Service centre at Customs EDI Sites – reg.
PN 130/2016 30.09.2016 Subject: Revised guidelines for disposal of confiscated goods– regarding.
P N 161/2016 28.11.2016 Sub : Extension of facility of Direct Port Delivery to main importers and other steps taken for ease of doing business- Regarding.
PN 168/2016 05.12.2016 Sub: Computation and publishing of average dwell time by CFS on their website and communication to Customs, instruction issued under “Handling of Cargo in Customs Areas Regulations, 2009”: reg.
PN 182/2016 23.12.2016 Sub:- Procedure in respect of clearance of import FCL (Full Container Load) containers involving Participating Government Agencies (PGAs)-reg.
PN 183/2016 29.12.2016 Sub: Intimation of updation of WCO Harmonized System of Nomenclature & Steps taken for its smooth implementation – Reg.
PN 184/2017 03.01.2017 Sub: Clarification in respect of “part delivery” where OOC is obtained at DPD/RMS Facilitation Centre at JNCH – Reg
PN 01/2017 04.01.2017 Sub: Compliance of Procedure for movement of import cargo in containers from Port to CFS as prescribed vide Facility Notice No 69/2011, dated 03.05.2011 and or Direct Port Delivery as prescribed vide Facility Notice No 161/2016, dated 28.11.2016 and provisions of “Handling of Cargo in Customs Areas Regulations, 2009” by, Shipping Lines / Shipping Agents etc: reg.
PN 03/2017 09.01.2017 Sub: Export of Factory Stuffed container; Export through CFS mode -clarification regarding
PN 04/2017 10.01.2017 Sub: Printing of EP Copy(Prescribed time limit)-reg.
PN 05/2017 12.01.2017 Sub:- Partial Modification to the Public Notice No.127/2016 JNCH dated 16.09.2016 – Reduction in no. of documents required to be submitted for Registration with Port authorities – Reg.
PN 06/2017 12.01.2017 Sub: OOC procedure and norms of scanning & examination for RMS facilitated containers (other than DPD).
PN 07/2017 13.01.2017 Cash section to accept payment on submission of properly filled up challan(revised challan) without insisting for sign and authentication by AC/DC/Appraiser/Supdt
PN 08/2017 16.01.2017 Sub: – Certain clarifications about DPD facility -Reg.
PN 09/2017 16.01.2017 Sub: – Options for DPD Clients availing DPD facility -Reg.
PN 12/2017 31.01.2017 Subject: Procedure for DPD clients filing warehouse Bills of Entry and taking delivery of goods from Terminals to Bonded Warehouse without going to CFS- reg
PN 16/2017 09.02.2017 Sub: – Certain clarifications about DPD facility -Reg.
PN 21/2017 24.02.2017 Sub.: Expansion of 24X7 customs clearance and clarification of levy of MOT Charges in CFSs attached to 24 X 7 ports –reg.
PN 26/2017 02.03.2017 Sub: Procedure for Scanning of DPD containers.
PN 27/2017 06.03.2017 Procedure in relation to release of DPD Importer only after issue of “delivery order”, where CFS is logistic service provider & certain information about shipping lines for reference;
PN 28/2017 06.03.2017 Standard Operating Procedure in relation to Registration of DPD Client with Terminals, release of DPD Containers, opening of PD Account (if required), procedure for sending trailer to pick up DPD container (in case of own transport arrangement by DPD Importer); reg.
PN 32/2017 15.03.2017 Sub: Procedure for Verification of Customs Out of Charge (OOC), Delivery Order (DO), “Container No, seal No & condition of seal” by Customs, CFS & Port Terminal, responsibilities; reg.
PN 33/2017 15.03.2017 Sub: Procedure for submitting “advance intimation” of at least 72 hours from importer availing DPD Facility to shipping lines. reg.
PN 35/2017 17.03.2017 Sub: Export of Factory Stuffed refrigerated container; further clarification regarding
PN 36/2017 17.03.2017 Sub: Procedure for dealing with “shipping bill copies” consequent to doing away of “Exchange Control Copy” and “Export Promotion Copy” of shipping bill vide Board Circular No 55/ 2016-Cus, dated 23rd November, 2016; reg.
PN 41/2017 24.03.2017 Sub: – Customs Clearance in case of RMS facilitated BEs for the import of pulses for DPD/AEO Clients – Reg.
PN 43/2017 31.03.2017 Sub: – Certain clarifications about DPD facility -Reg.
PN 45/2017 31.03.2017 Sub:Compilation of various Public Notices issued in relation to DPD Procedure; reg.
PN 46/2017 31.03.2017 Sub:Procedure for clearance of export cargo categorised as “Hazardous Goods”; reg.
PN 47/2017 31.03.2017 Sub:Compilation of various Public Notices issued in relation to Direct Port Entry (DPE) Procedure; reg.
PN 49/2017 05.04.2017 Sub: Extension of facility of Direct Port Delivery to main importers and other steps taken for ease of doing business- Regarding.
PN 52/2017 12.04.2017 Sub: Reprint of RMS Bills of Entry out of charged at RMS Facilitation centre, at CFS Speedy on Saturdays– reg.
PN 58/2017 02.05.2017 Subject: Request for discontinuation of High Seas Sale Registration Procedure at Import Noting Section of JNCH – Reg.
PN 59/2017 28.04.2017 Sub: Import of Calcium Carbide at Nhava Sheva – reg
PN 60/2017 11.05.2017 Sub: – Partial modification in procedure of examination of waste paper consignments- Reg.
PN 61/2017 11.05.2017 Subject: – Uploading of certain information of Import Advance List (IAL) by shipping lines on JNCH DPD Portal ( )for the purpose of DPD Clients -Reg.(or there is login link updated under DPD section at )
PN 65/2017 26.05.2017 Customs working on 24 X 7, extension of working of assessment group on all Saturdays -Reg.
PN 66/2017 26.05.2017 Clarification regarding legislative changes relating to Customs Act, 1962 proposed in the Finance Bill, 2017 vide Board Circular No 12/2017-Customs (F.No.450/10/2017-CusIV], dated 31.03.2017, -Reg.
PN 67/2017 26.05.2017 Clearance of the consignments along with the packing material such as pallets at various CFSs of JNCH -Reg.
PN 68/2017 30.05.2017 Sub: Assessment and Examination of consignments/bills of entry of importers accorded DPD facility which is not facilitated by RMS and has been marked for ‘Assessment and Examination’ – Reg.
PN 70/2017 05.06.2017 Sub: Facility for Online Generation of Rotation Number by Shipping Lines/ Agents – Reg.
PN 71/2017 07.06.2017 Sub: DTA clearance of goods procured by EOUs/EHTP/STP units from indigenous sources- charging of Duty – Reg.
PN 72/2017 02.06.2017 Subject: Acceptance of late charges (section 46 of Customs Act, 1962) / amendment fees by JNCH on 24 X 7 basis:
PN 73/2017 08.06.2017 Sub: Responsibility of the “Port Terminal Operator” to ensure that once any container has entered the Parking Plaza within the prescribed time limit, the vessel is not missed, procedure.
PN 74/2017 13.06.2017 Subject: Alignment of State Codes of ICES with GSTN – Implementation of changes in ICES – Reg.
PN 75/2017 12.06.2017 Sub: Cancellation of LUT BOND/BG-reg.
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